About me...?

           Haha where do I start? First and foremost, I am a believer of Jesus Christ! I am happily married to a handsome, funny, romantic, and smart man named Kenny ( I love you Babe! ) lol... This 2021 will be our 19th year together...

          I am a mommy of 4, I have a 14 year old boy, an 10 year old girl, a 6 year old girl, and a 3 year old boy! Whew!! I love to home school them, and make sure they get the best education, so I am a teacher as well, apart from being an artist.

          As a family we enjoy camping, riding at GLAMIS, watching movies, trips to the park, and going out to dinner dates together, because we love food. We enjoy eating out at our favorite restaurants around Arizona.

          In my personal time I enjoy listening to audio bible study/messages, reading the word, doing makeup of course! I also enjoy drawing, even though I hardly have time for those extra fun hobbies with my hectic schedule... 

          I also have another fun job on Instagram, where I work for many makeup and beauty related companies, by sharing their best products. I love to create makeup looks for my supporters/followers, and hope to inspire others! 

          That is it for the "About Me" section LOL I am a super busy mom, slash teacher, wife, artist and social media beauty influencer... thank you for taking the time to read this! I hope to one day make you shine a little brighter with my makeup skills...




 My artistry...

           You are probably very curious as to where the name "GLAMtrashMAKEUP" comes from. Growing up all I listened to was Punk Rock, The Distillers, The Unseen, AFI, Misfits, were and still are some of my favorites! When I was introduced to Makeup, I noticed everything was all about GLAMOUR. I felt as if I didn't fit in into the whole Makeup Artist field. So, when I came up with my business name, I combined the two: GLAM-trash-MAKEUP. Which represented ME, It is who I am, and it's been my name since the beginning. I am a glamorous punk girl...

           Anyways, It all started with a crayon, the colors, the blending, the endless possibilities. How putting white and red made pink, and fading charcoal pencils made shading fun. Using my fingers to paint and different objects that surrounded me lit up endless ideas, and transferring them to paper or canvas. That feeling when my art project got an A+, and my peers knew me for being creative and artistic.

         Throughout the years, as I got older, had my first baby, I didn't have the time to sit and draw. I started working and started putting makeup on, it seemed bland and boring. Color screamed at me asking me to play, one Christmas my husband bought me a BH cosmetics palette, with so many colors. I sat there and stared at it for a minute, in awe of what I could do. But didn't know where to start. Little did I know, all I had to do was pretend my face was the canvas. So there I was, while my little one napped, I picked up my brushes, and now here I am... I love art. I love makeup art, and the endless possibilities.

          My goal it is to let you know that you are beautiful without the fun makeup,but I can also make you shine a little brighter just for that one day.... YOUR SPECIAL OCCASION!!!

          When you are in my chair you are my PASSION, thank you for allowing me to paint your day...

photo by Samariaphoto.com

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